15. Februar 2017

Promote digital payments throughout Europe

Association of German Banks unveils new study

“The private banks want a European digital single market for financial services and will help to actively promote it,” stresses Michael Mandel, Chairman of the association’s Retail and Wholesale Banking Committee and Member of Commerzbank’s Board of Managing Directors with responsibility for the Business Segment Private and Business Customers. Taking as its starting point the question of how the dynamics of digitisation can be harnessed for this purpose and avoid being held back, the Association of German Banks has now published the study “Digital Payments 2020”. Mandel: “Our goal must be to enable consumers to use standardised mobile payment methods across national borders throughout Europe.”

Mandel sees a particular need to ensure in the context of the new payment services directive PSD2 that the same rules apply to all payment service providers – be they banks or fintechs. Andreas Krautscheid, Member of the Senior Management Board of the Association of German Banks, underlines: “We certainly see room for improvement on some aspects of PSD2 in this respect.” He finds it incomprehensible, for instance, that third-party providers have legally binding access to banks’ infrastructure, but not vice versa. “On top of that, we’re expecting the European Commission to publish an action plan on retail financial services in March. To make sure discussions move in the right direction, we want to get a debate going as soon as possible,” Krautscheid adds.

In its study, the association identifies three key areas for action: 1. mobile payment solutions need to be promoted to increase their reach in person-to-person (P2P) and point-of-sale (POS) transactions, 2. there should be more competition and freedom of choice between e-commerce payment methods, and 3. a standardised modern, digital onboarding procedure should be established to ensure services can be offered digitally and Europe-wide.

Michael Mandel: “We shouldn’t get bogged down in details in Europe but should focus on what really matters – for us that means providing payment services and having a standard procedure for registering and identifying customers.”


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