Stellungnahme DK zum EBA-Konsultationspapier zu Guidelines zu Art. 432, 433 CRR (Offenlegung)

12. September 2014

The Basel Committee for Banking Supervision currently undertakes a thorough review of disclosure requirements. We have no intention to anticipate the outcomes of the ongoing consultations, but we would like to suggest that the European Banking Authority (EBA) should always take developments taking place on an international level into account, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts for institutions implementing revised regulations.

We welcome more practical concepts regarding materiality, confidentiality and proprietary, and agree with the necessity to employ different assessment criteria for accounting and prudential purposes. Both accounting and prudential regulations are expected to deliver information relevant for the decision-making process. EBA explains this in its guideline; however, considering the wealth of information to be disclosed, one aspect that is missing is any indication as to how EBA will ensure that the concepts laid out in the accounting and prudential regulations will not deviate going forward. In order to avoid such a scenario, we kindly ask EBA to take this concern into consideration for the remaining draft process of the concept, and would like to remind EBA of the background of the different supervisory bodies involved (ESMA and NCAs). […]

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