Stellungnahme BdB "FSB Thematic Peer Review on Risk Disclosure"

10. September 2010

We welcome the opportunity to respond to the FSB's peer review of the recommendations concerning risk disclosure. So far several initiatives aimed at improving disclosures have been undertaken. The Europeanwide dialogue among the banking sector and market participants has been driven by public hearings, roundtables, survey initiatives and assessments, mainly conducted and chaired by CEBS and participating national regulators. Their intention is to promote convergence by highlighting best practices in disclosure and to enhance market transparency about banks' risk profiles and capital adequacy. CEBS has conducted several assessments regarding improvements and guidelines on adequate disclosure methods since June 2008.1 CEBS's aim is to improve the quality of disclosure without amending, duplicating or adding to existing disclosure requirements or recommendations - such as IFRS, Pillar 3 of Basel II, listing and notification rules or other statutory regulations. […]

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