Stellungnahme EBF on the EBA’s Consultation Paper “On Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics under Article 403(2) of the draft Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR)” (EBA/CP/2013/18)

14. August 2013

Die EBF hat Stellung genommen zur Konsultation der EBA zu geplanten Implementierungsstandards zu On Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics.

Aus der Stellungnahme:
The EBF welcomes the opportunity to comment on the EBA consultation paper related to the draft implementing technical standards on additional liquidity monitoring metrics under Article 403(2) of the draft Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). In general, we do agree with the scheme of reporting and the type of information required. However,
with regard to the following:

(i) the reports must be produced both on an individual and consolidated basis;
(ii) templates are numerous and particularly granular;
(iii) in many cases, a reporting by currency is required;
(iv) the proposed frequency is monthly;

we find the impacts somewhat disproportionately severe and invasive. Overall, we feel that the amount of new information to be reported to EBA is great and that the reporting templates are complex. They will generate significant additional costs without necessarily creating much added value for banking supervision. We ask EBA to balance the added-value of the new reporting with their costs when setting the reporting framework, and to simplify the reporting framework. Moreover, we ask EBA to leave enough time to institutions to implement these new reporting templates. […]

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