About us

At the Association of German Banks, we advocate for the interests of private banks in Germany. This includes large, internationally active banks, but also regional and foreign banks. We have 152 banks as members, as well as 18 fintechs and 7 state associations. Around 160 employees work for the association in Berlin, Frankfurt and Brussels.

The Association of German Banks in figures


Structure of the Banking Association

According to the Statutes of the Bankers Association, the General Assembly, the Assembly of Delegates, the Board of Directors, the Presidium and the Executive Board are the most important bodies.

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Bankers Association. It meets every three years and elects the members of the Assembly of Delegates. In addition, it decides on the admission and exclusion of member associations, the exclusion of members and the dissolution of the Association.

The Assembly of Delegates is composed of the delegates elected by the General Assembly and the chairpersons of the member associations. It takes place annually. Its tasks include the election of the Executive Committee and the members of the working committees as well as resolutions on amendments to the Statutes. It is also responsible for approving the annual accounts and setting membership fees.

Executive Board 

The Executive Committee shall be elected from among the delegates. Its members include one member from each of the management boards of the big banks, five members from the management boards of regional banks and foreign banks, and two members from the management boards of private bankers. The Chief Executive Officer of the Banking Association is also a member of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee consists of the honorary President and two other members. The three persons are elected by the Executive Board from the members of the Executive Committee. There shall be one representative each of the big banks, the regional banks and the private bankers in the Presiding Committee.