The fight against climate change and financing the transformation of the economy are central issues - also for banks. We are very concerned with the many issues surrounding sustainable finance and sustainability in the financial sector. Only with the banks can the transition to a resource-conserving economy succeed. This is especially true for the financing of climate protection measures. Together with our members, we are working on solutions to jointly tackle and master the challenges in the field of Sustainable Finance.

Here you will find our current contributions on this topical issue. Our current focus is on mitigating climate change and its harmful effects. But our understanding of sustainability is not limited to that. Social balance, the protection of human rights and sustainable corporate governance also play an increasingly important role in our work.

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Deposit protection scheme

The Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks protects customers deposits with private banks in Germany.



The ombudsmans office of private banks helps if you as a customer have a problem with your bank.



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